A Few of my Favorite Cruelty-Free Things

Okay so I get a ton of questions about going cruelty-free. Mostly from people who had no idea how awful and inhumane the cosmetic and chemical industries were when it comes to animal testing. I’ll spare you the graphic details but know it ain’t pretty and I encourage anyone who is curious to do some research on their own. Oh and have a box of tissues handy. It’s awful.

So I basically went full cruelty free over night about a year ago. I just saw one to many PETA adds on Facebook and that was that. I mean I didn’t throw out all of my make up and house cleaner because that seemed wasteful and who has that kind of money? Not this gal. So product-by-product I replaced each and everything with a better CF product.

It’s important to know that not all items labeled cruelty-free or Leaping Bunny certified items are owned by a cruelty-free (let’s just say CF from now on) parent company. For instance, Urban Decay has always been CF ( with a ton of vegan options) but was purchased by L’Oreal, which is a very un-CF company.   Too Faced is also a very CF company owned by another un-CF company, Estee Lauder. Pacifica for instance is still owned by its founders and is CF owned and CF itself. Something else to look for is whether or not a company chooses to sell in Mainland China. China requires animal testing in order to be sold in their stores. Basically it’s a very difficult jump and a ton of research. But totally possible.

I’ve met two types of CF shoppers, those who are willing to buy fro CF companies with un-CF parent companies and those who are not. I do buy from companies such as Too Faced and Urban Decay for instance because I think it’s important for companies such as Estee Lauder and L’Oreal to see that their CF companies are doing well. Who knows, maybe even inspire them to go CF across the board. I know my couple hundred dollars a year on cosmetics and beauty products may not seem like a lot but I am not alone. I can name at least 5 people who have gone CF since I have started my process and I am not what you call pushy. Imagine if they have inspired 5 people and so on and so on. Most CF products are not only ethical but they also have fewer harmful chemicals than other cosmetics. Boom. Win-win.

I made a list of all of the products that I use pretty much daily. Like these are my (guilt-free) must haves. So I broke it down into a few categories, Skin-Care, Hair, Make Up and Fragrance. The longest list is of course make up. I have got to be the most annoying Ulta shopper. I spend at least an hour in the store with my phone in hand ready to read every label and do enough research to right a book report on a tube of mascara. I have been privy to my share of eye-rolls when asking if something is tested on animals. (I’m looking at you, Carol.) But let me start from Step One. Primer. I love Urban Decays Quick Fix spray. I mean, it’s a spray after all and after a spritz or two, boom, I’m primed. I follow it up with you guessed it Urban Decay’s Naked Skin foundation and concealer, if necessary. This stuff is so light. like super light. It gives great coverage but doesn’t cake up and feels super weightless especially when applied with a Beauty Blender) I finish my face off with a sweep of it cosmetics’ Celebration Foundation. Then I dab  a bit of Nyx’s Illuminator in Chaotic on each cheek. Then one last spritz, this time with Urban Decay’s Up All Night finishing spray. The last couple of products are the most important products in completing my day time look. I’m talking mascara, lip balm, and lip gloss. I would be NOTHING with out my Too Faced BTS Mascara, Malin+Goetz Mojito Lip Balm, and  Too Faced Lip Injection  Glossy in Let’s Flamingle. Seriously. Nothing.

Most importantly though, skin care. I mean it’s arguably one of the most critical daily routine. So as far as my skin goes I swear by my Clarisonic Brush. I use Pacifica’s Sea Foam Cleanser in the evening and apply Impirialis from Lush right after. About a year ago I stopped washing my face in the morning and it’s been quite liberating and my skin has been less dry and I hardly break out. So when I wake up I just spritz on a little Eau Roma Water from Lush to freshen up my skin and follow up with the Impirialis moisturizer.

One of the hardest things to replace was perfume. Seriously almost every single fragrance is tested on animals. I was so relieved when I finally found a scent that I love and it’s totally CF! Besame’s 1950 is perfect and it comes in this great roller ball bottle so I can carry it i my purse. The deodorant market is also super saturated with major offenders but thankfully you can find Tom’s of Maine in most drug stores and at Target. Lavender is my total favorite! For these poor abused locks of mine, I have been loving Davines products. I spray in a little Oi All in One Milk and comb it through right after I shower to protect my very color treated hair. When I need hair spray, Davines’ This Is A Strong Hold Hair is definitely my go-to. (Not Pictured- I didn’t list my shampoo since it’s not an every day item it’s more of a 2x a week item but I’ve been asked about it and I have been using Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree lie for years. I switched to the Lavender Tea Tree once I went blonde for extra moisture and occasionally use their purple shampoo for platinum blondes!)

Have any favorite CF products that you are already using daily? Let me know, I’d love t o give ’em a try! I encourage anyone considering going cruelty-free to give it a go. I listed a ton of pricey items. But do not fear you can go CF with any budget. It’s gotten easier to purchase CF at the drug store for even cheaper than some of the items you’re probably already buying.

Let me know if you have any questions at all or if you’re looking for less expensive options, I have a feeling I’ll being doing a household item post and a CF on a budget post real soon!

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