About Me

I’m a New Orleans girl, born and raised! I’m a full-time theatre teacher and momma to two perfect rescue pugs and one cranky kitten. I’d say that I have a vintage vibe with modern ideals and believe that the whole dang world should be cruelty-free. In my free time I sew, craft, build furniture (that’s extreme crafting, right?), garden, and drag my boyfriend, Nick, to garage sales. I collect vintage cameras and old vinyl. Martha Stewart is my spirit animal. I like puns, luaus, people who are nice, and ice cream.

Meet the pugs!

My first pug baby, Maybelle, or Maebe as we call her, is quite the firecracker! She’s my sweet little baby brat. I rescued her when she was a teeny tiny 5 week old baby and my life hasn’t been the same since! She loves undivided attention, anything I’m eating, and long walks down Magazine St.

Seamus is my sweet old man, I rescued him when he was 5 years old just about 2 years ago. He has been a momma’s boy ever since our first car ride home. His favorite things are napping on top of pillows, barking at the neighbors, and blueberries.