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This is my very first blog post. I am blogging. I am a blogger. Is this even real life?

For years now I have been tossing around the idea of starting a blog. For one reason or another I convinced myself to put this day dream onto the back burner. The main reason was fear. Fear that my posts wouldn’t be cute enough, fear that my posts would not be well received, and just fear of judgment altogether. I recently turned 27 and right before my birthday I came across a journal entry from nearly 7 years ago. The second entry was titled “Things to accomplish before I turn 21!”, the first “goal” was to launch a craft and lifestyle blog. I never checked that one off the list, it just sat there in cursive, unhighlighted, judging me.

Reading old unfinished lists is really way more of a bummer that you might think it would be.

Reading old unfinished lists is really way more of a bummer that you might think it would be.

I am still afraid of judgement and still afraid of not being cute enough but I am a heck of a lot more afraid of waking up in another 7 years and looking back on that one thing that I really wanted to do but just couldn’t quite muster up the courage to do so.

Confidence has never been my strongest suit, although I’m pretty A OK at faking it.

My favorite way to fake confidence has always been dressing up. So for this very first post I am wearing a piece from my favorite Trashy Diva collection, Deep Sea Coral, in my absolute favorite cut, The Lena Sarong. This dress fits me like a glove, is perfectly beachy and looks dang good with bright pink lipstick! I honestly couldn’t think of a more appropriate look for my maiden voyage as Shelby Homemaker.

So hear I am. 27 years old. I am sitting on my sofa, picking the best photos of me in my favorite dress, drinking homemade cold brew, blogging.

Dress (older release, link to another in the same cut):Trashy Diva



Bangles:Vintage & Trashy Diva


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  1. christina

    September 20, 2017 at 2:47 pm

    WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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