Geo Splatter Pot Tutorial

My focus this summer has been minimizing. Minimizing my possessions, minimizing my self doubt, and minimizing the multitude of craft supplies that call a chest and about 6 closets in my house “home”. So I have challenged myself to buy less and by less I mean not at all, if possible.

My best friends birthday was this past week and I really wanted to make her something that I knew she would love. The challenge was making this thing using only materials that already existed in my arsenal. And then it struck me. I made her ( and also one for myself, duh)this sweet little planter, I hope you love it as much as she did!

What you will need:

-a small cylinder shaped pot

-2 brushes( a flat and a fan)

-spray paint(I used gold because I had gold!)

-3 different shades of acrylic paint

-painters tape

Start by taping off you post to create a triangle. It doesn’t have to be perfect, I actually tried to make sure mine wasn’t. Choose your base shade. I really loved this minty color. Paint over your triangle.

While your base coat is drying spray paint your pots base plate. This gold is very shimmery and really popped with the  mint color.

Once your base color is dry to the touch choose your first splatter color. I went with a black Martha Stewart chalk paint and then a creamy white satin paint for my second splatter, the color is called “wedding cake” I believe. I added a little bit of water to each color to loosen it up. Then tapped the watery paint filled fan brush onto my finger, a few inches above the planter, 2-3 times. Repeat this step with your second splatter color.

Then the hardest part. Leave it alone and let it all dry. Then peel off that painters tape!

After about an hour of drying, I went into my garden to choose a little fella to move into this new little abode. I have a some cactus’ that like to grow new cactus’ so I popped a paddle off and filled my little pot with soil and some gravel.

And voila. I made a thing for one of my favorite people  with things that I already had.

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