Making Waves

Life is crazy.
Life is not predictable.

This fall I am taking a leap. Tonight I will be walking into my first college class since graduating in 2012. I am TERRIFIED.

For the last few years, between blogging and teaching tech heavy classes, I’ve been really considering going back for Digital Design. I’m going to still be teaching for the foreseeable future and I really think this program will afford me opportunities in my current career and in the ones to follow.
After hours of research and qualifying for a tuition waiver from Tulane University, I am now a proud green wave or whatever.
But why am I so scared?
Like really scared?

What if I’m not as creative as I was when I was younger? What if I can’t handle teaching full time, working at NOMA part time, blogging, AND 9 hours my first semester?
It’s really scary.

But in moments of clarity I ask myself, but what if I’m more creative than I was? What if I strive under this tremendous pressure? It doesn’t hurt having some pretty swell people in my corner.

My best friends are actually starting to convince me that I’m capable of this. Either way I guess we’ll find out in December.
Can’t wait to hang a few finished projects on my fridge, maybe share my report card. Unless it sucks. Then I prob won’t.

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  1. Bay

    August 28, 2018 at 2:27 am

    How cool!! Congrats to you on this new chapter. So exciting!! You’re gonna crush it!

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