Nashville Vintage

There are times during our very short existence when some of our favorite things intersect.
For me that’s Nashville and shopping vintage.

I get messaged fairly often asking where I find some of my best vintage and honestly a ton of it comes from my annual trip( or two) to Nashville( or a thrift store along the way).
I thought it might be a fun idea to create a post solely on my favorite Nashville Vintage spots. During my recent trip, my friend had the entire day off so we committed to a list of about 9 shops. We not only completed the list but we ended up adding 4 more to the trek.  Rounding out the number to solid 13, not including a coffee and a lunch stop. (Luckily he is as crazy about completing a list as I am!)

So, here’s the deal, I’m not going to talk about all 13 shops. They each had a special something but for the sake of this post I’m gonna tell you about my favorites and maybe an honorable mention or so.

Pre to Post Modern

You don’t go to Pre to Post Modern looking for something, you go and Pre to Post Modern shows you what you need. Don’t get me wrong; they’ve got a killer section of men’s and women’s vintage, vinyl, and more vintage furniture in one place than I’ve seen anywhere else. What I’m saying is be open to going in for a dress or two and leaving with a desk lamp, two prints, a pair of earrings, a vintage swimsuit, a few records AND also a dress or two. This is must stop shop whenever I’m in town, for sure.

The Hip Zipper
My number one, my I always find leave with something magical, and my seriously, I go there EVERY time I’m in Nashville.
I was introduced to The Hip Zipper during my first visit a few years ago and I have made a point to stop in every time I’m in town. Their prices are still relatively affordable, by vintage standards, and their assortment of 50s-70s pieces is really great.
I’ve never left empty handed and their men’s section is pretty stellar, too. Seriously. If you’re looking for an assortment of affordable and wearable vintage, a costume piece, or heck just wanna look around, run, don’t walk, to The Hip Zipper.


This was my first trip to Toro. This place is precious. A ton of vintage shops have filled their racks with 80s/90s t-shirts and vintage Wrangler and Levi’s but Toro does it best. Their stock feels well-curated and less thrift shop haul-ish. Plus they feed a porch cat. And well, I like cats.


Best shop to buy someone a gift.
Okay so, though their vintage clothing selection be little, their “re-imagined” gifts be fierce. That’s what Shakespeare said, right? I’ve been to this shop a few times and always find little odds and ends that I didn’t know someone I loved needed. It’s got a fun vibe and you’re sure to find  paint by numbers and luggage with witty quotes painted over the image, a Dolly Parton prayer candle, handmade jewelry and more.
My favorite find for myself that I‘ve gotten from O.M.G. is a vintage late 90s(HOW IS THAT VINTAGE NOW BUT OKAY) BeBe jacket. It looked just like the jacket Jenny was wearing when she hopped on that bus in Forrest Gump. I NEEDED it.

High Class Hillbilly

I have 3 words for High Class Hillbilly, TAKE MY MONEY. Y’all this past trip was my first time popping into this shop and it was truly an experience. The shop is the brainchild of outlaw country artist Nikki Lane and it’s nothing short of perfectly put together. This multilevel shop was as open as can be. There was none of the crowding that you find yourself in in most vintage and antique shops. I’ll warn ya, the prices are high but can you put a price on treasure? She carries vintage denim, dead stock, boots, a decent bridal selection, and a centuries worth of dresses and accessories. I even snagged one of her albums. What was honest to God the most delightful thing about this shop was how stinking nice the shop girls were. That doesn’t always happen in vintage, imma be honest. But both of these girls were so kind, cheerful, chatty, and knowledgeable. If I didn’t live 8 hours away I might have applied to work there just to be gal pals.

I sure do hope you liked my list!

Narrowing down 5 shops out of 13 wasn’t easy but these are, without a doubt, my top 5 vintage shops in Nashville at the moment.

Do you have a favorite vintage shop in Austin, Texas? I’ll be visiting for the first time next month! Hoping I’ll have as much luck treasure huntin’ in the Lone Star State as I always do in Nashville!

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