New Year, Same Ol’ Same Ol’

January is flying by and I’m just over here trying to get my life together.

Okay so between Nick’s surgery and my moms health and hopping into a new semester at school with 5 preps this quarter (that’s teacher talk for a ton of work) I honestly don’t even know which way is up some days.
Thankfully Nick is healing quickly and can breathe for the first time like in his life. It’ll be a long road to complete recovery but he’s handling it like a total champ. As for my mom, she has quite the ways to go but we had a lovely outing just this Sunday and I was so proud of her strength and her determination to have a wonderful afternoon given her current health struggles.

As hectic as this past month we even managed to have a practically perfect holiday. This Christmas was filled with presents and being present for the ones that I love.
But now it’s time to get back at it.

This is about to turn into a New Years post but it’s not going to be like the ones you’ve likely skimmed through.
So here it goes.

I’m not gonna lie, 2017 was probably one of my most bleh years to date as far as I go. I mean it wasn’t bad but there was nothing particularly over the top about it. Not for me personally anyway. That sounds kinda negative I’m sure but it really isn’t meant to be.
What I am saying is that I didn’t move cross-country, make a career change, or get a new pug(a girl can dream).
Everyone was getting engaged, married, or pregnant. I know that comes with being 27 but jesum. It just felt sorta like 2017 was a year of sitting on the sidelines while everyone else’s life evolved. But mine stayed exactly the same. Not for worse or for better.
Just the same.
Everyone tells you how everyone will start to do these things at exactly the same time but no one warns you that everyone except for you might be doing these things.
I guess I wasn’t planning for that.

And that is okay. Because you can’t plan for life and you can’t really plan for huge life events and I think social media in a lot of ways has us trained to think that “business as usual” is bad like if we aren’t hitting those big notches along with everyone else then there must be something wrong with me. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. I’m not saying that I haven’t had spurts of over analyzing it all but I’ve come to realize that sometimes the same ol’ same ol’ is just fine.
In retrospect I was able to relish in the same ol’ same ol’.
I was able to sit back, dive into new hobbies, create routines, create this dang blog, and stand witness as some of my most favorite people married the love of their life.

I have always been a planner. I actually keep 4 planners. I have one planner that is just a calendar, one weekly planner for school, one weekly planner for personal, and one weekly planner that combines all 3 other planners into one quick glance planner.
Even I can admit that I am an over planner. And let’s be real, an over thinker.
So let’s just say in addition to my resolutions my plan for 2018 is to practically have no plans at all. I mean I’ll obvi plan for some things.
But I am open to plans changing.

I don’t know what surprises this year may have in store. Heck, I don’t know what tomorrow has in store. And that’s totally A OK.

Dress and Daisy Pin are both vintage from one of my absolute favorite shops in Nashville, The Hip Zipper

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