November, Already

I am in absolute denial that this year is flying by so quickly. If one thing is for certain the older you get the quicker time flies. Except for when you’re at work because work goes by slower than let’s say school. Like when you’re a student in school not when work is at school because you’re a teacher. Don’t get me wrong I love my job like really really love it but there is something funny about how slow the clock ticks when you’re somewhere because you have to be versus how quickly it goes by when you’re at home. And how when you just got home after a busy day and next thing you know you’ve got 4 loads of laundry to finish, 97 papers on Shakespeare to grade, and last nights fajita dishes are haunting your sink. And it’s already 9pm.
Growing up is funny like that.
So much time to do what you have to do, so little time to do what you need to do, even less time to do what you want to do and next to no time to do what you should do.

So here we are. It’s November the 1st. I mean, November is a pretty cool month.

It’s actually cooling down outside and it’s starting to finally feel like corduroy weather. I love corduroy weather. There is something about it being 70 degrees outside that makes me want to dress like it’s the actual 70s. I mean like the 1970s. This vintage burgundy wrap skirt is one of my most cherished staples once the weather drops below 85 degrees. I snagged it last year at The Hip Zipper in East Nashville.

But most importantly it’s the month of THANKSgiving. I am a fan. As a teacher I am thankful for Fall break filled with crafting, pug snugs, and seeing family that I don’t see enough. As a human being I am thankful for baked macaroni & cheese and stuffing and pie and sweet potatoes and casseroles and the list goes on.
As a blogger, still ridiculous to even say out loud, I am thankful for my tribe. With out them I wouldn’t even have a blog (okay I’d have one but it’d be boring AF), my hair would be lackluster and I wouldn’t even have photos. I’m talking about my main squeezes. My bf and my bffs.

Jesum, time flies. We spend so much time in living that we forget to stop and thank the ones who make life worth living at all. Like our family and our friends and the barista at PJ’s who always get my complicated order right.
I’m gonna post a couple of sappy blah-blah posts so beware y’all.
I’m not crying, lol JK.

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