Standing Out

I think some of the wisest words out there were spoken by Jenna Lyons, ”As far as I’m concerned leopard is a neutral.” I’ve got plenty of leopard in my closet, from sweaters to dress and even flats. You can’t hide when you’re wearing leopard. It’s a print that demands to be seen. It’s a print that brings you out whether you want to or not. Yet when paired with denim or a white t-shirt or a bold lip there’s still something natural enough about it that it’s a neutral.
What is it about a good leopard print that makes it so wonderful? I mean it’s bold, chic, tacky, and sassy like all at once.
And it’s not for everyone. Leopard is something that you either love or hate. I once got into a fight with an ex because he didn’t like leopard.

Like I said, an EX.

My love affair with leopard print started long ago with my teenage bedroom set. My room looked like an actual African safari.  My mom ordered it from one those discount catalogs that gets delivered to women working in offices. I can still remember having to be oh so careful with the pages because each office only received copy. The ladies would take turns filling out their order forms then it would be time to pass it on to Jan in HR. Or who ever was next.

I came from a moderately conservative middle class family. Standing was not highly encouraged. My mom still makes fun of my MySpace phase. After a few glasses of white she’ll even remind me all about my plea to wear a shredded mini skirt, that I had just made, to a local rock show. I did not get to wear my new creation but I did shout the single most quoted, teen angst filled, dig “YOU’RE STIFLING MY ORIGINALITY.”

My style has certainly matured to say the least. I have graduated from ripped tights and band tees to fit and flare dresses and red lipstick.
But my love for leopard has remained. There’s just something about. Something empowering and bold. Something stand out about it. Something wild. you can dress it up. You can dress it down. I love it.
I must note that all leopard prints are not created equally.
And finding a perfect leopard print on the perfect cut dress that fits you perfectly may as well be a unicorn. Unless we’re talking about Vixen by Micheline Pitt’s Troublemaker Swing Dress in Leopard Print.
I. Am. Obsessed.
This dress is what dreams are made of. It makes me feel like I can close some kind of business deal, ride off on Harley and have the house cleaned and dinner ready by 5. What ever any of that means.

The cut, the stretch, THE POCKETS, and the print. It’s perfect.

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