Super Simple Felt Wreath

So it’s fall. Selfies with your first PSL of the season and sharing “this is so me” “October 1st got me like ______” memes have reached critical mass. Now what? Each year I find myself trying to complete and incredibly comprehensive list of all the fall things that have to be completed or it’ll be a total waste. Now granted, we get a whole 3 days of fall-ish weather here so the list could be 5 things deep and would still probably end up incomplete. Not this year. I’ve thrown caution to the wind. No lists.

I mean I still plan on getting a pumpkin and as you may have read in my last post I start decorating in September. I love fall and the rest of the holidays but we live in a world of ever growing to-do lists. Everybody’s got a darn to-do list for something. Holidays are hectic sure but shouldn’t there be some comfort in them? I’m basically just waking up and having a homemade PSL( cause your girl is a teacher and artisanal coffee ain’t always in the budget, if ya know what I’m saying) and and asking myself what do you want to do today. It has really taken the pressure off of what little time I have off.

So this past weekend I woke up thinking, I would like to make a wreath. So I did. And it’s pretty cute and it was crazy simple to make. It’s basically made of my favorite thing, felt.

Oh and the word y’all is on it.

What I’m saying is that if you woke up this morning and decided that you would like to make a wreath and you’d like some inspiration here’s a tutorial. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


Styrofoam Wreath        FeltSheets          Pins                      Scrapbook Letters    Scissors

Hot Glue

1. The first thing that you will do is to cut your felt strips. I chose 4 colors but that’s entirely up to you, you can do more or less I just like how they looked. The size of your wreath will determine how many strips that you’ll need. I found that since I was scalloping my felt that I was able to get 3 good strips per sheet of felt.

2. Then you’ll start wrapping each piece, one by one, around your Styrofoam wreath. I secured each piece on the back using a pin. I found that glue was messy and that the pin worked perfectly to keep the felt I place. Continue doing this until you’ve wrapped your entire wreath with your felt strips.

3. Then take your letters and move them around on your wreath until you’re happy with their spacing and location. Mine says “Happy Fall Yall”, go figure.

4. Glue those letters down! I find that hot glue works best, I tried Tacky Glue and that didn’t really stick to the felt but Hot Glue was perfect.

Hey! You made a wreath!

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